JMS 550 Introductory Post

My name’s Patrick and I’m a third-year journalism and political science major at SDSU, with an honors minor in interdisciplinary studies. I’m currently working at ABC 10 (KGTV) as a part-time associate producer.

Some of my biggest interests are in the world of investigative journalism. I enjoy being out in the field talking to people and hearing their stories. That’s why I’m excited to gain more experience in that area during this class!

I hope to someday work for The New York Times or another publication that values and promotes strong investigative journalism. I think journalists as a whole have so much unrealized potential to change the way we look at the world entirely. We have an opportunity to use the muckraking abilities of legends like Woodward and Bernstein for modern systemic issues that have been normalized due to a lack of coverage. I think it’s possible to be fair while still rejecting what has become the status quo.

My goals are to create packages that are well produced and professional, and to investigate an issue that is new and hasn’t been covered enough. One other goal I have is to speak with an interesting source who can give me a new perspective on the world!

I’m looking forward to the semester!



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